River House - 782 Whitewater Rd - Demorest, Georgia 30535

Screened Porch - Our Favorite Spot in the house - Great for reading, relaxing, watching satellite TV or listening to the sounds of the river.
New Furniture and lights on lower deck!!
Great access to the River from the house
New Kids bunk room with access to lower deck.
2 rope swings (swing at own risk)
Entrance from driveway
New furniture on Lower Deck
River Fun! Yes there is a rope swing 3 miles down river that lets you fly off into the water. Very Dangerous!
River Pictures in front of house
Pets Love the River House!

The house is the last house on Whitewater Rd. You should be able to google map the address and get to Whitewater Rd without a problem. As you get toward the river and end of Whitewater Rd, look for my blacktop tar driveway between to 4x4 post to the right.
782 Whitewater Rd - Demorest, Georgia 30535

General information about the house:
  • Swings: There are 2 rope swings on the property, one for smaller kids and one for bigger kids. They go very high off the ground, swing at own risk and children should be supervised at all times. If you notice anything unusual or unsafe, use common sense and stay off the swings...
  • Water: We have a shared well with several homes up and down Whitewater Rd. Our family has never used this water for cooking or making coffee but have no issues with brushing teeth, bathing, taking medicine and such. The water is safe but we choose to cook and make coffee with gallons of bottled water and recommend bringing bottles of water.
  • TV's: There are 4 tv's in the house with satellite controls. Only the tv in the family room requires the TV clicker and the Satellite clicker. All the others can be completely controlled by the Satellite clicker alone. The tv in the loft only has the PS2 contolling it, you can not watch tv in the loft.
  • Propane: There are 4 propane tanks at the house. They might or might not have gas in them. If you run out of propane be prepared to refill the tank at the store close by. Lowes or the Dollar store has tank swap service for $20/$25 or so. There are 2 propane heaters on the deck. There are tanks and they might or might not have gas. You can away's bring a tank or two but I would plan to swap them at the dollar store. The tall heater on the upper deck generally requires the pilot light to be lit manually by a grill lighter.
  • Propane heaters on porch: The electric starter does not work on the older unit and has to be lit manually. Follow the directions to a tee on the newer unit to get to light.
  • Grill: Make sure and pull the grill away from the house before using. Also when done cooking, turn off the propane tank or you might leak out a tank of gas. The knobs to control the gas on the grill dont seem to always turn off the gas completely.
  • Kitchen: A disposal and dish washer have been installed in the house. "New for us, we went 13 years without either". The kitchen is very well equipped with pots/pans/dishes/etc. Generally there are plenty of paper towels.
  • River Safety: The river water is very clean generally speaking. We have spent days upon days playing in the river and rapids with no issues. Always be careful playing in the river. Rocks are very slippery and rapids can be very dangerous. I would recommend life jackets for any younger children and there are several at the house for use. If it has been raining, the water will cloud up and rise. Clouded water is still very clean and be very careful of rising water.
  • River Shoes: Always wear good shoes that protect your toes and feet when playing in the river. You will regret playing in the river without shoes that protect your feet. The rocks are very slippery so be very careful. There are a bunch of old shoes in the wet room in the basement, use those if need be.
  • Beds: There is 1 queen on the main floor. There is a queen and pull-out couch in the loft. There are 4 bunks and a pull out in the kids room going out to lower deck. 1 queen in the other room in the basement. The pull-outs have sheets on the already and there should be extra pillows in the closets. There is also foam egg crate for 1 of the pull-outs in the basment closet closet.
  • Linens: There are 12 towels at the house and 12 wash clothes. There is generally plenty of washing machine detergent and dyer sheets if you need to wash the towels during your stay. There are 4 towels in or around each bathroom. The beds will have sheets on them.
  • Baths: There are 3 full bathrooms in the house, 1 on each floor. The bath in the basement was added several yrs ago and is pretty small. This bathroom works off a sump pump. If the alarm ever goes off, the float might be stuck in the sump pump and need to be played with. Stop any water usage in the basement if the pump happens to go off until it is resolved. If power ever goes out, do not use the basement bathroom.
  • Check-in after 4:00pm and check-out by 11:00 and can vary depending on scheduling of tenants. Do not ever assume this is OK to check in early. Just check with Kent ahead of time. I never recommend getting to the house after dark. Whitewater Rd is very dark and it can get confusing if you have never been to the house before. We can often allow early check-in or late check-out if tenants are not coming or going the same day.
  • Check-out: Please remove sheets from beds that have been slept in and put in front of washer. Feel free to wash a load of towels the evening before to help with clean-up time. If there are any messes in the house, we expect you to clean them up. All trash should be collected and double bagged. Start with trash in the tall kitchen bags and secure and put into the bigger black trash bags. As a general rule the house should be pretty clean as you are leaving. This is not a hotel and the house should be treated as your own or better.
  • DriveWay: There is generally room for 4 cars and no more in the driveway, plan accordingly and never park in the neighbors drive way.
  • Internet Service: We have dsl service, the speed if very slow compared to phone LTE and 4G speeds. You might choose to use your phones as hotspots for better connections. Password is on the modem.
  • Guns: No shooting any type of guns on the property, leave them at home.
  • Fires: We do not have a fit pit and do not want any fires started on our property.
  • Neighbors: We have 2 full time friendly neighbors next door on the left. No neighbors's on the right side of the house. Always be mindful of their property.
Rental Contract - Rates - Deposits - Fees
  • Cleaning Fee: $135, our house stays very clean and lets us know if there are areas of concern for cleaning.

  • Trash fee: $25 - if you take your own trash with you, fee is waved.

    For larger groups staying for a few or several days, as the trash builds to a filled black trash bag, call/txt Susan 706-768-2767 and she will leave a trash can out at her house, which is on Whitewater Rd by the old well. When driving down Whitewater you can drop the black bag in her trash can, it will be on the road. This is better than letting it stack up on the porch. Never leave trash outside the porch. The critters will get into it.

  • Pet Fee: $25 per pet - non-refundable, animals that shed throughout house will be charged more. We are very pet friendly and ask that the pets stay off the furniture or make sure you clean the furniture before leaving. There will be additional fees charge if property manager has to spend time removing pet hairs off the furniture.

  • Deposit: $250 - is paid up front with rental fees. The fee is generally refunded within a few days of leaving the house. Any pet or trash fees will be deducted from the deposit refund. Please inform us right away if something gets broken in the house so that we can resolve asap.

  • Daily Rental Rates: $300-$350 ; premium charged for larger parties/holidays/etc.

  • 50% Payment required tp book through VRBO: All bookings and payments arre handled through VRBO booking services. After a request has been made, we will accept the booking within 24 hours.

  • Download Rental Agreement and must signed and send in with payment.
County Wide Garbage Service
360 Jud Tench Rd
Demorest, GA
They can arrange pick-up of garbage
Landfill to take trash:
Rules of the property:
  • We have a couple of neighbors close by, respect their property better than you would your own. There is absolutely no parking in the neighbors driveway. Our driveway can not accommodate more than 4 cars. Even with 4 cars, you might plan to leave 1 car at the top of the driveway. There is the potential to have a couple of cars parked at the top of the driveway.
  • All linens from beds used, need to be pulled off the bed and put in front of the washer/dryer in the basement when leaving.
  • Always use trash bags. There is no trash service on White Water Rd. The tall white trash bags from the kitchen needs to be put in a bigger black trash bag and left in the corner inside of the screen porch. Do not leave any trash on the deck, animals will tear up the bags. There are plenty of trash bags under the kitchen sink. There is a $25 trash fee unless you take all of your trash with you. Never leave the trash outside of screen porch. Animals will get in it.
  • Make sure all dishes make it to the dish washer and turned on before you leave.
  • The house is to be left in the condition, you find it.
  • The french doors off the kitchen are meant to be locked. Less dirt from feet and shoes gets tracked into the house if entering from the porch. There are key available if need be.
  • This is a private home, not a hotel. Treat it better than you would your own.
  • There are many personal items in the home, take care of them as your own.
  • Have fun and stay safe.

Points of Interest near by:

  • Dollar Store less than 2 miles from house on Hwy 115 by the river.
  • Helen, GA 10-12 miles away
  • Anna Ruby Falls next to Helen http://www.helenga.org/annarubyfalls/
  • Mark of the Potter in Clarksville http://www.markofthepotter.com/
  • Cleveland, GA 7.5 miles away
  • Clarksville, GA 7.5 miles away
  • Cornelia, GA 7 miles away
  • Wal-Mart Super Store 6 miles in Cornelia, GA
  • Unicoi State Park 15 miles away
  • Blue Berry picking is available in late July early August
  • Lots of new Winery's in the area, Mt Yohah only 10 minutes away.

Restaurants and Winery's'

There are plenty of restaurants in all of the above-mentioned areas if you are planning to eat out. These include great local and national chain restaurants.

Canoeing, Tubing & Kayaking:

As you are sitting enjoying the river, there will be plenty of boaters coming down the river. Most of the boats are sit-on-top kayaks. Wildwood Outfitters provides a rental and shuttle service for this adventure. Most boats are put in at the 115 bridge(1/2 mile up river) or the 255 bridge(5.5 miles up river). Take-out is at Duncan Bridge(4.5 miles down river). Wildwood Outfitters can be reached at Phone 800-553-2715 or 706-865-4451. www.wildwoodoutfitters.com


You can go to Helen and tube for a couple of miles through Helen. There are hundreds of people doing this each day in Helen. You can also get your own tubes from Wal-Mart or auto parts stores next to Wal-Mart and put in at the 115 Bridge above the house and tube down to the house. Or put in at the house and go down about a mile. Each of these will require running your own shuttle. If you put in at the house the best take-out is at the end of Ponderosa Dr, check out google maps


Out in front of the house is mostly bass and the best fishing is with a spin rod and some spinner lures. We have spent hundreds of hours spin rod fishing and fly fishing around the house. It is fun to hike up or down the river to try different holes to fish in.

Trout Fishing: You can go to Helen to fish for trout. They do not stock trout around our house. There is also a public section of the Soque River that is good for trout fishing. I would also call Unicoi Outfitters in Helen if you want more info on trout fishing, they are a fly shop in Helen (706) 878-3083 and can tell you all the best public places to fish in the area. www.unicoioutfitters.com

Private Water Trout Fishing: There are several places on the Soque River and in Helen that charge big money for big trout. This is for fly fisherman only. If you have never fly fished before they have guides or might require guides. Unicoi Outfitters has a private section of the Chattahoochee behind their fly shop www.unicoioutfitters.com. 2 lodges on the Soque River are www.brigadoonlodge.com and www.blackhawkflyfishing.com . I have fished all of these places several times each and they all have big fish. I like the places on the Soque better than the Chattahoochee. There is also a public (free) section on the Soque between BlackHawk and Brigadoon Lodge that people can fish with spin rods or fly rods.

Emergency Info:

  • Local Hospital: 541 Highway 441 N Demorest, GA 30535 (706) 754-2161
  • Property Owners: Kent/Allison Taylor 404-213-1868/1869 Kathryn Davis 404-226-0116